Monday, 23 June 2014

European Bridge Championships Croatia - Open Team Part 3

Day two got underway with a very tough encounter against Bulgaria which was featured on BBO, an almost certain qualifier for the second phase of the championships. A hard fought encounter resulted in a narrow loss by only three imps, resulting in 9.09 VPs. Match 2 was against Lithuania, and a virtuoso performance at both tables blew them away by 69 imps to get the full 20 VPs (not so easy to achieve!). Last up we played the 2011 Bermuda Bowl Champions, the Netherlands, once again featured on BBO. The Dutch played well, and we were staring down the barrel with 4 boards to go. However a late rally meant we recovered to lose by 20 IMPs, for 5 VPs, but there may be a ruling to come in our favour - I will update on that tomorrow.

Tomorrow sees us face Denmark (BBO) at 930, Israel (BBO) at 1330 and Switzerland at 1620. Another tough day at the office, but one to embrace. The organisers have moved the day off from Wednesday to Thursday as a result of the weather forecast, so on Wednesday we will be playing Wales, Romania and Serbia, and we will have Thursday off instead.

Tune in tomorrow for the next installment!

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  1. Hopefully there will be a few comments on the bidding on hand 9 Vs Romania in Round 10: Playing 4 Spades Doubled AND 5 Spades doubled by the SAME team takes some doing.