Saturday, 21 June 2008

Thoughts of an NPC IV

This is Bill reporting from Pau on the morning of the seventh day of the Open Teams Championship. It's nine oclock in the morning, there is not a cloud in the sky but a dark cloud hangs over our prospects of progressing into the final round robin.

Day six saw us loose 20-10 to the old enemy (Scotland).I think we were unlucky in that Scotland played in 3NT without investigating a 5-3 major fit for 9 tricks whilst we were one off in 4H-perhaps they judged better, they made 4S by playing small to the king holding K109xx opposite xxx for two losers whilst John Holland entered dummy twice (some slight risk of a club ruff) and finessed the nine and ten-technically correct but very close when you take into account the possibility of the ruff. John lost to QJ doubleton and my sympathies are with him. Finally what do you lead holding SK10xxx Hxxxx Dxx CAx when partner opens 3D first in hand and right hand opponent bids 3NT.Jason led a diamond and that was 12imp out when the spade lead beats the contract. Scotland found the spade lead as there was no pre-empt. (I understand they only pre-empt holding 2 of the top three honours)

We drew 15-15 with Denmark and beat Croatia 20-10 -we are now lying 10th with one match to go. Denmark beat Italy 25-4!

I'm now going to watch the final match against Switzerland- we need a good result and for Iceland to beat Finland.

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