Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Pau - England moving up slowly

On Day 3 of the Championship the England Open team continued their fightback and are slowly working their towards qualification for the final stage. Match 7 was a narrow defeat, 14 - 16 to Spain. In Match 8 they beat Serbia 17 - 13 and they finished the day with a 19 - 11 win over Greece in Match 9. At the end of day 3 England are in 11th position with 136 Vps, just 3 Vps behind 9th position. Italy still lead group A with 164, followed by Netherlands 163, Czech Rep 161 & Finland 157. England need to finish in the top 9 out of the 19 teams in their group to qualify for the second stage. Germany head Group B with 186, followed by Sweden 183, Russia 154 and Norway Poland 152.3.

England have three more matches today, but none of these matches are being broadcast on Bridgebase Online. The matches are (BST)
Round 1009:30England v Lithuania
Round 1113:15England v Turkey
Round 1216:35England v Luxembourg

You can download Bridge Base Online or view it without downloading anything, from the BBOTV website.

Also, you can follow the results round by round on the European Bridge League website. You can even get the running scores of matches currenly in play, click in the box at the top of the page.

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