Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Pau - Open team draw

There are 39 teams entered in the Open Series of the European Championships in Pau, France, a record high number, and too many to be able to play a complete round robin. So starting this year, the championship is divided into two stages. There are two groups in stage one, of 20 and 19 teams respectively and they play a complete round robin. At the conclusion of stage one, the top 9 teams in each group will progress to stage two, and there will be a further complete round robin.
The draw for stage one is out, and England are in group A which consists of 20 teams. Their order of play (local time, one hour ahead of us) is as follows:
Round 1Sun 15 Jun 10:30Monaco
Round 2Sun 15 Jun 14:15Malta
Round 3Sun 15 Jun 17:35Italy
Round 4Mon 16 Jun 10:30Latvia
Round 5Mon 16 Jun 14:15Israel
Round 6Mon 16 Jun 17:35Finland
Round 7Tue 17 Jun 10:30Spain
Round 8Tue 17 Jun 14:15Serbia
Round 9Tue 17 Jun 17:35Greece
Round 10Wed 18 Jun 10:30Lithuania
Round 11Wed 18 Jun 14:15Turkey
Round 12Wed 18 Jun 17:35Luxembourg
Round 13Thu 19 Jun 10:30Netherlands
Round 14Thu 19 Jun 14:15Czech Rep.
Round 15Thu 19 Jun 17:35Iceland
Round 16Fri 20 Jun 10:30Scotland
Round 17Fri 20 Jun 14:15Denmark
Round 18Fri 20 Jun 17:35Croatia
Round 19Sat 21 Jun 10:30Switzerland


  1. In the second round-robin will the teams play the teams from their half of the first round-robin a second time, or are these results carried forward?

  2. That's a good question. As far as I can see from what's written in the conditions of contest, the second round-robin will be a complete round robin, so teams will play the teams they met in the first round-robin for a second time. There is no mention of any carry forward, I don't believe there will be one.
    David Muller - Selection Committee