Thursday, 19 June 2008

Pau - Ladies Day!

It's Ladies day at Royal Ascot. What colour hat will the queen be wearing?

It's also Ladies day in Pau. The Women's championship gets under way today. The England team is Heather Dhondy - Nevena Senior, Catherine Jagger - Sarah Teshome, Catherine Draper - Anne Rosen.
Heather Dhondy is playing in her seventh European. So far she has won three gold medals and two bronze medals in her six outings, quite a record! She has a new partner this time, Nevena Senior. Nevena is playing her fifth European. The first three were for her native country, Bulgaria. In the fourth which was her first outing for England, she won a bronze medal, her partner then was Sandra Penfold.
Catherine Jagger & Sarah Teshome made their debut appearance at the last European in Warsaw 2006, and were bronze medalists there. They were also in the England team that won the Lady Milne ( Home International Championship) earlier this year.
Catherine Draper & Anne Rosen are making their debut in the European Championship this year. They were winners of the Womens trials, and were also in the England team that won the Lady Milne this year.
The England Womens team will play a complete round robin of twenty-five matches. Their first three are today and are (BST)
Round 109:30England v Ireland
Round 213:15England v Hungary
Round 316:35England v Portugal

Day 4 was a frustrating day for the Open team. They won two matches but they were not playing the top teams so were hoping for better. Match 10 was against Lithuania, and they won that 20 -10. Match 11 they lost to Turkey 11 - 19, and they finished the day with a 18 - 12 win over Luxembourg. England are still in 11th position, their score is now with 185 Vps, just 5 Vps behind 9th position. Netherlands have now taken the lead and have 224. They are followed by Czech Rep 223, Finland 214 & Italy 210. England need to finish in the top 9 out of the 19 teams in their group to qualify for the second stage. Ther is also a new leader in group B, it's Sweden with 242 Vps. They are followed by Rusia 225, Germany 220 & Norway 206.3.

The England Open team have three tough matches today, and will have to play well to maintain their position. All three of their matches are being shown on Bridge Base Online. The matches are (BST)
Round 1309:30England v Netherlands
Round 1413:15England v Czeck Rep.
Round 1516:35England v Iceland

You can download Bridge Base Online or view it without downloading anything, from the BBOTV website.

Also, you can follow the results round by round on the European Bridge League website. You can even get the running scores of matches currenly in play, click in the box at the top of the page.

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