Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Pau - Womens team draw

There are 25 teams entered in the Womens Series of the European Championships in Pau, France. They will play a complete round robin of 25 rounds starting on Thursday 19 June, each team will have one bye round because of the odd number of teams.
The draw for the England Womens team has been made, and their order of play (local time, one hour ahead of us) is as follows:

Round 1Thu 19 Jun 10:30Ireland
Round 2Thu 19 Jun 14:15Hungary
Round 3Thu 19 Jun 17:35Portugal
Round 4Fri 20 Jun 10:30Lebanon
Round 5Fri 20 Jun 14:15Russia
Round 6Fri 20 Jun 17:35Monaco
Round 7Sat 21 Jun 14:15Malta
Round 8Sat 21 Jun 17:35Italy
Round 9Sun 22 Jun 10:30Israel
Round 10Sun 22 Jun 14:15Denmark
Round 11Sun 22 Jun 17:35France
Round 12Mon 23 Jun 10:30Turkey
Round 13Mon 23 Jun 14:15Poland
Round 14Mon 23 Jun 17:35Spain
Round 15Tue 24 Jun 10:30Sweden
Round 16Tue 24 Jun 14:15Netherlands
Round 17Wed 25 Jun 10:30Croatia
Round 18Wed 25 Jun 14:15Bye
Round 19Wed 25 Jun 17:35Germany
Round 20Thu 26 Jun 10:30Norway
Round 21Thu 26 Jun 14:15Austria
Round 22Thu 26 Jun 17:35Wales
Round 23Fri 27 Jun 10:30Finland
Round 24Fri 27 Jun 14:15Greece
Round 25Fri 27 Jun 17:35Italy

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