Sunday, 27 September 2015

They’re Off ~ Seniors Day 1

We hit the road running against Brazil and a fine performance saw us win by 61 IMPs to 8 (I say 'us' when we win a match to look as though I contributed something; it will be 'them' when 'they' lose a match – nothing to do with me). John Holland and Gunnar Hallberg bid to a slam over an opposition opening bid; the opener was so affronted that he doubled, but the contract rolled in. That was 19.43 VPs (a Casablanca) and England were in second position.

Australia have the great Ron Klinger in their team, but he was rested for the England-Australia match. They did have Henry Christie playing for them. Henry used to live in London and was a contemporary of some of the England team at the Young Chelsea Club in the 70s. We squeaked home in this one, 37-36 in IMPs and 10.31 in VPs. (Note to Stuart Lancaster: please emulate us and beat Australia by one point next weekend.)

Guadeloupe were leading 13-6 after five boards of the third match, but England fought back to win comfortably by 56 IMPs to 15, 18.21 VPs, moving us back up to second place behind Austria.
Visitors to India are fearful of getting upset stomachs. My master plan is that the three Senior pairs should eat in three different restaurants every evening. What do you think?

Colin Simpson sends his best wishes to all the member so Gerrards Cross Bridge Club.

Back to the matter in hand: Monday is likely to be one of our toughest days. Our first opponents are Indonesia (bridge playing membership: 17,750), who qualified by winning Zone 6, Then we have Poland (7,000), perennial medal contenders, and third in the European Championships last year. Third up are Bulgaria (1,300); we lost to them in the preliminary rounds in Opatija, but beat them heavily in the final round robin.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.  Aristotle

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