Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Moving Day - Venice Cup, Chennai 2015 (2)

They say that the third day of a golf tournament is "moving day", as the contenders for the title jostle for position.   Despite there being four more days in the round-robin after this and with eight teams qualifying for the next stage of the event, I am viewing our day three as a chance to establish ourselves near the top of the table. 

Denmark's remarkable start to the event, averaging nearly 19 VPs per match over the first two days, gives them a 42 VP advantage over us but this lead is deceptive, given the high quality of our opponents in the early matches.   It will be interesting to see if we can catch the Danes by the end of day four - maybe optimistic but not an outrageous suggestion!

Today, we will be sampling a taste of the southern hemisphere with matches against New Zealand, Brazil and Australia. 

I noticed in our pre-match notes on the opposition that, "New Zealand is a misspelling...".   Be that as it may, here's hoping for some more good bridge today!

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