Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Moving through the gears ~ Seniors Day 3

We started against Egypt, who were lying three-quarters of the way down the table. I was a bit worried (as I am sure you were) when we were only 29-14 up after 10 boards, but a fine finish, including a double game swing worth 16 IMPs, saw us run out winners by 68 IMPs to 14 (19.52 VPs, an Elizabethan) and hold on to first place.

We were hoping for solid wins against Pakistan (who rested their Z Mahmood) and Japan, who were both in mid-table. The match against Pakistan was very low scoring and we lost 13-17, despite winning five boards to their three. The loss was almost entirely due to a 25% slam that was bid and made by Pakistan. 

Japan was another close-fought match which we won by 34 IMPs to 23, worth 13.04 VPs (13.04 is known as a Stirling to commemorate the fall of Stirling Castle, the last rebel stronghold of the Wars of Scottish Independence).

We are now third, behind Austria and Australia. We are 3 VPs off the top spot, but a reassuring 22 VPs ahead of the ninth-placed team. 

On Wednesday we will start with Tunisia (bridge playing membership: 150). Next are Chile (1,640), who replaced Argentina, when the latter withdrew. And we finish with the overnight leaders Austria (2,800), who have been at or near the top of the table since the beginning. The match starts at about 1pm UK time, so please remember to do your bit and cross your fingers for a couple of hours.

Yves Aubry, President of the European Bridge League, held a press conference at lunch time. He spoke about what the EBL was doing about the pairs who had been accused of cheating. He warned that it would take time, because the accused were entitled to a fair trail. I found him positive, and a lot more convincing than the WBF President; I believe we will see some action.

To end on a happy note; today was Olivia's Hackett's birthday and she celebrated with Paul and the team in an Indian restaurant in the hotel. 

l-to-r: David Price ("Gosh, did he really bid Four Diamonds on that?"), John Holland, Paul Hackett with partner number one, Olivia, and partner number two, David Mossop. 

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.Henry Ford

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