Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mixed Raises - Venice Cup, Chennai 2015 (3)

On a day of mixed results, England managed to rise to seventh place in the overall standings.   Meanwhile the 'great Danes' continued their impressive progress and still lead - some 36 VPs ahead of us as we start play on day four of the championships.

The first objective is to finish the round-robin in the top eight, thereby qualifying for the knock-out stages but it would be advantageous to finish in the top three, which would enable us to choose our opponents in the quarter-finals.   Bearing this in mind, we are looking forward to a good performance today but standing in our way are the teams from Chinese Taipei, Guadaloupe and Pakistan in matches 10,11 and 12.

With Canada, placed thirteenth, within fifteen VPs of our total, there are many teams still battling for  the qualifying slots and, certainly, there is no room for complacency.  

Leading Teams after nine matches (out of twenty-one)

Denmark                      142.84
USA II                         132.93
USA I                          125.24
Netherlands                 121.63
France                          115.67
Italy                             115.13
England                       106.60
Poland                         104.78

Time to move through the gears !


  1. I think someone should have a go at our women players.

    They won today:
    18.21 - 1.79
    20.00 - 0.00
    20.00 - 0.00

    So how did they manage to lose the 1.79?

    1. I arranged a meeting to discuss the matter !