Tuesday, 23 June 2009

There's always the pairs

My optimism for our women's team seems to have put the mockers on them and unfortunately, after dropping behind at half time, never looked like catching their strong Italian opponents who ran out eventual winners by 19 imps.
So English interest in the teams has ended, but the pairs semi final has plenty of interest.
Leading the way (and the whole field) are Alexander Allfrey and Andrew Robson. Dave Kendrick is in 5th (playing with van Cleef of the Netherlands) and just ahead of the Irish, Hanlon & Carroll. Also high up were Holland-Brunner (22nd), Sandqvist-McIntosh (35th) and Hallberg (42) - playing with Furunes of Norway.
In the seniors, Hackett-Harper were 5th in qualifying and Hirst-Hassett 14th.
We had no women playing in their qualifying, but the Penfold team will be exempted into the semi-final if they wish to play.

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