Sunday, 14 June 2009

San Remo, part 1

The qualifying for the Knock out phase of the mixed teams (round of 16) in San remo was completed over the weekend. 11 teams with English players made the A semi final, from where most of the qualifiers come.

Of these a highly creditable six teams with English interest qualified: "Badger" (Jeffrey Allerton, Frances Hinden, Paula Leslie, Graham Osborne) were 5th, just ahead of Janet de Botton (+ Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist and Nevena Senior) in 6th. Sandra Penfold (+ Brian Senior with van Cleef and van Ettingen from the Netherlands) Tenerife winners Erichsen (Espen and Helen with the Brogelands and Helnesses from Norway), McGann (Fiona Brown with Hugh and Glaerum and Hoyland from Norway) and Brian Callaghan (+ Chris Duckworth, Gill Salt and David Stern from Australia) also qualified although their final positions are not obvious from the EBL site. Unsuccessful Group A teams with English players were Blakey, Brunner, Dhondy (the holders), Piedra and Seale.

We go into the last stages with a lot more qualifiers than other countries, so there's plenty of reason for optimism.No communication from troops on the ground yet - hopefully I'll get some over the next few days. :¬)

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