Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Silver Lining in Liguria

English woe in the open teams in San Remo continued, when our last team (Irens) was beaten in the first knock out round by a strong team of French internationals, Blumental, Toffier, Stoppa and Sante-Marie. Irens was up at half time and despite losing two major swings early in the 2nd it was close to the end, but they came up just a game swing short at the tape.
Disappointing as this was, our champion women's team (Sandra Penfold, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith and Sally Brock) made up for it by staging an amazing charge in the last two rounds of their event. They came from half a match behind a qualifying spot to overtake 3 teams and end a comfortable 3rd in their group. This morning, in the quarter-final, they face a tough Italian team coached by World Champion Dano di Falco, but they are definitely my favourites in this match. Why not follow them on www.bbotv/vugraph - it starts around 9.00 am.
Meanwhile, pairs qualifying has started for the open and England leads the way after McIntosh (Tosh) and Nick Sandqvist put in a set over 67%. Brian Senior and Jack Mizel are not far behind with just under 60% and Robson-Allfrey and Brunner-Holland are also above 55%

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