Thursday, 27 August 2009

England Seniors embark on World Championship trail

The 2009 World Championships begin on Sunday in São Paulo, Brazil.

England have an interest in the Seniors event.

In the European Championships in Pau, France back in June 2008 they missed out on automatic qualification by the narrowest of margins, a split tie. However one of the European qualifiers has withdrawn, so the England team are in anyway as the first reserves.

There have been a few changes from the team that played in Pau. The team playing in São Paulo will be:

David Price & Colin Simpson
Gunnar Hallberg & John Holland
Ross Harper & Paul Hackett
NPC Peter Baxter

The World Championships have been held once previously in São Paulo, in 1985. That year the Great Britain Women's team won the Venice Cup for their second time so we have happy memories of that city.

You will be able to watch selected matches from the Championships on Bridge Base Online. and BBOTV.

Also, you can follow the results round by round on the World Bridge Federation website. You can even get the running scores of matches currently in play: click in the box at the top of the page.

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