Friday, 12 August 2016

BAM consolation event - Day 2 qualifying

As we approach the end of the week, the players are now at full throttle and showing what we knew they had in them. The two days of consolation BAM qualifying have been very encouraging. The English Lions (Alex Roberts, Shivam Shah, Yvonne Wiseman, Freddie Illingworth) led from start to finish and topped the field at a canter. They now start with the most carryover (0.77 points per place) in the 14 team all-play-all final tomorrow. Even more encouragingly, the English Cubs (we're thinking of this as the new official team name for the U15 squad - let us know your thoughts!) consisting of an U25 pair (Ankush Khandelwal and Ben Norton) and an U15 pair (the previously mentioned Oscar and Liz, both just 13) romped home in 8th place. This was even more impressive considering the strength of the field was significantly greater today. Teams knocked out in the QFs of the main events had dropped in, but they managed to improve their position. This was a big step up on the level of competition in the U16 event and they handled it even more brilliantly than we could have hoped. Indeed, Liz is comfortably the freshest of all of us here and could easily do it all again...

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