Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Women's Teams, Round-Robin Day Three

World Bridge Games,  Tuesday September 6

At the end of the second day's play of the round-robin stages, England lies in seventh place in group A of the women's teams.  We accrued just over 24 VPs from three tough assignments yesterday, playing well but without much luck.  From each group, eight will qualify for the knock-out stages and having played most of the top teams already, we are in reasonable shape.

Sometimes, non-standard methods can have a surprising effect on the auction.   Consider this hand from yesterday's match against the Netherlands.  We snatched victory from the jaws of defeat when Nicola Smith opened 2C, showing either a traditional 2C opening or a weak two in diamonds.  On grounds of frequency, the Dutch had agreed to adopt a defence, based on the assumption that the opener will turn out to have the latter option.  

At favourable vulnerability, the next player held: KQxx, void, QJ10xxx, Jxx.  She was forced to pass because all bids in diamonds would have been artificial.   Her plan was to bid next time but the bidding proceeded, 2H on her left, pass from her partner, 5NT (Grand Slam Force) on her right!   Bidding diamonds at this point seemed too dangerous and she passed again.  The next thing she knew, Sally Brock was claiming thirteen tricks in 7H and a cheap sacrifice in spades had been missed.

Although the addition of a weak option to the 2C bid might seem innocuous, it had the effect of paralysing the opponents on this deal!

On today's menu are Pakistan, Japan and Korea.   We are hopeful of three good wins in order to move up the rankings and consolidate our position.


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