Sunday, 11 September 2016

Tony and Andrew bid a game and get a useful penalty when Israel sacrifices

The English Open team held on to 2nd position in the Round-Robin and yesterday started the tough business of the long knock-out matches.  For the round of 16, we chose to play Israel and the match started off with a small advantage to our opponents.  However, in the 3rd set of 16 boards we overtook them - helped along by this board.

Dealer W                                  Tony
All Vul                          
                                              A K Q 8
                                              Q 10 8
                                              K 10 6
                                              10 8 2

                    J 10 6 2                                    9 7 5
                    9                                               K 7 5 4 2
                    Q 4 3                                        A 7 2
                    A Q J 9 5                                 4 3
                                             4 3
                                             A J 6 3
                                             J 9 8 5
                                             K 7 6


Tony opened 1C in second seat (playing 5 card majors and strong NT), Andrew responded 1D (transfer - showing 4+H),  Tony rebid 1H which showed a minimum with 3 card support.  Andrew passed and West had no hesitation in re-opening with a double.  Tony now bid game (he did a rapid calculation and discovered that 1H redoubled was enough for game).  East bid 1S (who needs trumps to bid them freely at the 1 level?).  Andrew now doubled for penalties (who needs trumps to double at the 1 level?).  No-one else bid and Andrew plonked a small trump on the table.  When the smoke had cleared, declarer had emerged with 4 tricks and the 800 penalty gave England 14 IMPs and the lead in the match.

This evening we play the last 2 sets (32 more boards).  We have a small cushion of +34 and we are cautiously hopeful although our opponents are experienced and able.

More later

Chris Dixon [NPC - Open team]


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