Sunday, 6 September 2009

England Seniors coast into the Quarter-finals

The England Seniors have qualified for the quarter-finals of the Seniors World Championship, finishing the round robin a comfortable 23.5 vps ahead of second placed Belgium. The knockout stage begins today. All matches in the Seniors will be 96 boards in length played in six stanzas of 16 boards, spread over 2 days. As round robin winners, England could pick their opponents from the teams that finished between 5th and 8th place, and have chosen to play Egypt. They also get to pick their semi-final opponents, snd they have chosen the winner of the quarter-final match between Belgium and Indonesia. In the other half of the draw, Poland play Sweden and USA1 play USA2, the winners of these two matches meet in the other semi-final. England begin their match against Egypt 12 imps up due to the carry over from the round robin match. The first three stanzas will be played today, and the match will conclude with three more stanzas tomorrow.

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