Friday, 4 September 2009

England Seniors lead into the finishing straight

Just six matches to go now in the round robin stage and the England Seniors are still holding onto their lead as they "round the final corner into the finishing straight". They had a tough day yesterday having to play two of their main rivals, Poland and USA2. The lost both these matches, but only by narrow margins, not enough for them to be overhauled, and they have probably the easiest run in of all the teams at the top. The only top team they have to play is USA 1 who are currently lying 7th, their other 5 matches are against teams in the bottom half of the standings. I feel confident the our Seniors will gain ground on their rivals in the next six rounds, and finish the round robin comfortably in first place. If they achieve this it will give them a big adrantage in the knockout stage s it will entitle them to pick their quarter final opponets, and choose who plays who in the semifinals.

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  1. David,

    Just to say thanks for all the updates.

    Good luck to the team for the rest of the event. We don't want to see Ross get the fishing rod out for some time yet!