Saturday, 11 October 2008

Beijing U21s. Part Six

And now we're into the Semi-final!

Our match against The Netherlands went pretty much to form, we won 20 in the first set, then 15 then 7 to win by 54 IMPs. Every pair played two sets so the team is feeling fresh and confident.

Our match against the Chinese is a bit of an unknown quantity — we played them in the round robin and beat them by 45 IMPs, thanks in part to a 3D doubled up one that our lads rolled home for 13 IMPs. We have to start sensibly and keep the pressure on, and make sure we cut out the errors — matches are lost not won.

Now, time for a game of Mario Kart I think — Rob Myers has thoughtfully brought his laptop and if I can only figure out how to use the keypad I might be able to win the Mushroom Cup...

P.S. Having just read the Seniors blog I can only apologise for my erroneous statement implying that the seniors team did not make it all the way up the Great Wall of China. That was based on speculation and assumption, and I should not have in anyway suggested that they are all a load of decrepit old people — they are a bunch of athletic tigers, waiting to take down the enemy as Poland found out to their cost today!


  1. Fantastic effort by the team. Top four in the world :) So much hard work has been done by the team and by Michael Byrne and Alan Shillitoe in squad training. Let's hope it pays off. How good would it be to beat the French in the final. Mike

  2. Many congratulations from Alan's colleagues in London - brilliant effort from the squad, despite the coaching handicap! Hope all of you enjoy the rest of your time in Beijing. Alan - your work is piling up.... Regards, Mark.