Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Beijing Open. Part Four

Our quarter-final against Romania passed by relatively comfortably. The eventual winning margin was around 120 IMPs or so, and the whole team performed superbly to never give Romania as much as a sniff of a comeback. Our reward for the quarter-final victory is a semi-final tie against Germany, our group winners. The team is feeling in good nick and we are full of confidence.

The first day of our semi-final has been a difficult one to summarise. We are only 8 IMPs behind after 48 boards, and we feel we have not been at our best today. That leaves us extremely hopeful and confident that we can crack on tomorrow and forge a passage to the final. The team have had dinner, and will soon be in bed, getting hopefully a good night's sleep to prepare for tomorrow. Thanks to all the well-wishers, we will do our best for you all to emulate the fantastic England U21s and make the final. By the way, our women are in excellent shape, 73 IMPs up at the halfway point in their semi. Good luck to them too!

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