Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ostend Open, Two

Day 2 was a significantly tougher day, with matches against three potential qualifiers. We ended Day 1 2nd in our group. So far on Day 2 so good. It's been quiet which means that Townsend-Gold can play a match or two without a brass band rehearsing in the next room. We won the first match against Spain 19-11. If you want to try for the team decide what action you would take on:

S 975
H 43
D Q1043
C 10965

You are vulnerable in 4th seat and it goes 3H — Dbl — Pass to you. Answer next blog (no cheating and looking it up on BBO).

The second match was against the fancied Russian team and we managed a narrow 4 IMP win including bringing home a grand slam on a finesse (no law against being lucky). Last match of the day is against Denmark just started. Ostend is basking in sunshine and it is not too hot to play bridge.

If you have nothing to do pop over.

Jeremy Dhondy


  1. 3S? Nothing seems attractive, but I think I prefer this to Pass or guessing 4m.

  2. 3NT. Then redouble for SOS (unusual).

  3. 4D...Partner has asked me to bid my best suit so when I have a difficult hand I do as I am told.


  4. Henry Lockwood28 June 2010 at 10:14

    4C, assuming we play equal-level conversion.