Saturday, 27 September 2008

Beijing - Under 21's World Championship Draw

There are 18 teams qualified for the Under 21's World Championships in Beijing, China. The teams will play a complete round robin. At the conclusion of the round robin, the top eight teams will advance to the knockout stage, on which the leading teams will have a choice of opponents in the Quarter-Final. The draw is out. The order of play (UK time, 7 hours behind Beijing) is as follows:
Round 1Sat04Oct04:00France
Round 2Sat04Oct07:20Ecuador
Round 3Sat04Oct10:10
Round 4Sun05Oct04:00Botswana
Round 5Sun05Oct07:20Norway
Round 6Sun05Oct10:10Bulgaria
Round 7Mon06Oct04:00Pakistan
Round 8Mon06Oct07:20Indonesia
Round 9Mon06Oct10:20China
Round 10Tue07Oct04:00Uruguay
Round 11Tue07Oct07:20Chinese Taipei
Round 12Tue07Oct10:10Canada
Round 13Wed08Oct04:00
Round 14Wed08Oct07:20
Round 15Fri10Oct04:00Argentina
Round 16Fri10Oct07:20Australia
Round 17Fri10Oct 10:10Singapore

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