Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Senior Team Day 3

Day 3 of the Senior Europeans was similar to the previous two days scorewise .

In the first match we played Romania and scored an excellent 35 imp win .

In the second match we were on BBO for the first time against Poland ,with 2 world champions on their team and we led until the last board and eventually went down by 13 imps.

In the  last match of the day we played Denmark and lost narrowly by 6 imps so after 3 days the team is 10th and close to a qualifying position for China.

The following is an interesting safety play in what looks like a straightforward game nicely played by Rob Cliffe in the Denmark match.

You play in 4s after a 2nt opener and stayman sequence and the lead is a low heart .



The question is how to play the trumps ?

There is a line to guard against QTxx in either hand and Rob duly played a low spade to the ace with the nine appearing on his right and won in hand to play a second spade towards dummy inserting the eight when a low card was played  and was rewarded to find that left hand opponent had started with QTxx this safety play  was missed by sixty percent of declarers in the three events .

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