Sunday, 14 April 2019

Lady Milne Match 4: England vs. CBAI

We got off to a good start in match four against CBAI (Ireland's second team) and were leading 36-8 at half time. A disappointing second half saw us lose three big swings whilst picking up a few part score swings. After the dust had settled we had prevailed 56-49.

Standings after match 4:
England            53.74
Scotland:          52.58
Ireland              40.33
N. Ireland          32.83
CBAI                 32.69
Wales                27.83

Full results are available at the following site: here

H J7
D K96
C K62
S A92
H AK953
C T874
S J75
H Q82
C J3
S 63
H T64
D 8532
C AQ95
1H (1S) 2S* P 4H AP

Susanna and Catherine bid to the thin 4H and Susanna received a lead of KS. One needs to bring the diamonds in but there is a real lack of entries to dummy and a spade ruff is threatened. Susanna took what looked to be the best shot of overtaking the TD with the JD and when that home she was able to arrange ruffing down the KH with getting back to dummy to cash them. Well played.

Its very close going into our final match which sees us play N. Ireland whilst Scotland take on Ireland. All to play for!!!

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