Saturday, 13 April 2019

Lady Milne Match 3: England vs. Ireland

Match three saw England face Ireland. There were lots of chances in the first stanza for both sides, after the dust had settled the score was 49-38 in Ireland's favour. In the second half we really got going and managed to make a couple of no play contracts as well as getting on the right side of some competitive boards. The score in the second half was 49-16 to England which meant the overall result was a win by 22.

Standings after match 3:
England            42.27
Scotland:          39.46
Ireland              34.27
N. Ireland          25.95
CBAI                 19.30
Wales                18.75

Full results are available at the following site: here

S K7964
D 632
H Q83
C K9543
S J8
H A972
D K875
C 872
S 7532
H K654
D J94
C A6
1NT P 2C P
2D P 2NT P

Sometimes in bridge you need a little luck...  An aggressive auction to 3NT lead to an unlucky spade lead from North but there will still quite a lot of work to do, diamonds would have to be 3-3 and the hearts needed to be brought home. Nicola lead a heart to the Ace noting the jack with interest, a small heart from the dummy produced a very smooth small heart from south...

The queen went in quickly and 9 tricks were wrapped up when the diamonds were 3-3 and the hearts came in. Nicola had realised than stiff J and KJ with North would not produce 9 tricks (the defence would have time to set the spades up before the 9th trick was established) so played for JT doubleton.

Well played, tomorrow we complete the round robin with matches against CBAI and N. Ireland.


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