Saturday, 13 April 2019

Lady Milne Match 2: England vs. Wales

Match two saw England face Wales. After the first 16 boards the teams were match was close - 49 to 37 in England's favour. At the start of the second stanza Wales were briefly ahead but a strong end to the match, in particular a run of 44 imps in 5 boards allowed England to pull away and win the match by 111 imps to 56.

Standings after match 2:
Scotland:          29.46
Ireland              28.36
England            28.18
N. Ireland         21.05
Wales                8.75
CBAI                 4.20

Full results are available at the following site: here

S T5
H T9653
C 52
S 873
D T7543
C AK94
S AQ92
H J8742
D 86
C Q3
S KJ64
D K9
C JT876
(2H) 2NT (P) 3NT AP

2 hearts showed both majors weak, Susanna overcalled 2NT and was raised to game by Catherine. The opening lead was the 7S which went to the 10 and A, back came the 2S to the jack. Susanna tried the JC from hand which ran around to the QC and East returned another spade which Susana won with the K.

Susanna decided to cash her 4 diamond tricks and on the last one, East erred and pitched their small club. A hopeless contract suddenly had had new life breathed into it and Susanna was not about to miss her opportunity. She cashed her top two hearts and exited with her losing spade. East down to J7 of hearts had to give the last trick to dummy's T9 of hearts.

Next up Ireland.

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