Saturday, 13 April 2019

Lady Milne Match 1: England vs. Scotland

Match one saw England face Scotland and in a close match with very few swings we prevailed 36-35 (always nice to have the potential split-tie decider in the bag).

Standings after match 1:
Ireland:          16.12
N. Ireland      13.29
England         10.22
Scotland          9.78
Wales               6.71
CBAI               3.88

Full results are available at the following site: here

S AK975
H 54
D A875
C 84
S Q864
H T82
C J96
S JT32
H AKQ973
D K2
H J6
D T964
C KQT7532
1S (4H) AP
Catherine was sitting North and Susanna was South for England. Susanna reasoned that she had too many clubs for that to be a fruitful line of attack so decided to lead a diamond (9D) to try and get partner in to cash spades and give her a ruff - very well done indeed - Catherine won the AD, cashed the AS and KS and gave her partner a ruff for a swing to England as next door N/S bid to 5Cx going one off.

The curse of Scotland struck again...

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