Friday, 25 August 2017

42 Down, 48 To Play, Venice Cup FInal, Lyon, Day 13

Overnight, we trail the Chinese by 42 IMPs in the final of the Venice Cup.   Although this might seem like a big deficit, the reality is that over 48 boards, there is a very good chance of us turning the match around.

In both the previous two knock-out matches, we established a reasonable lead (more than 60 IMPs) only to have the advantage wiped out completely - indeed against Sweden, they went on to establish a lead of their own (23 IMPs).  So, in this match, a very different pattern has emerged and, at least for the time-being, we are doing the chasing.  

The psychology of holding on to a lead is interesting and it is important that we don't let them get much further ahead.   A small win in the fourth stanza is likely to make the Chinese somewhat nervous.

Finger crossed !

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