Saturday, 10 September 2016

Women's Teams, It's a Knock-Out! 

Day Seven, World Bridge Games,  Saturday September 10

Having finished fifth in our group,  the draw for the knock-out stages was made yesterday evening.   Those finishing in the top four could choose their opponents from the nations finishing 5th - 8th.    One country after another made their selection but nobody wanted to play England.  When it was Italy's turn, England was the only team left.

So we are in the last sixteen playing a 96-board marathon againt Italy for the privelege of advancing to the quarter-finals when we expect to meet China.   Incidentally, China had first choice and opted for Chinese Taipee!

The Last Sixteen

China                 chose             Chinese Taipee
France                chose             Spain
Netherlands       chose             Scotland
USA                   chose            Australia
Sweden              chose            New Zealand
Germany            chose            Norway
Turkey         was left with       Poland
Italy             was left with       England

You can follow our progress on BBO starting at 17:35 when the fourth stanza, boards 49-64, will be shown.


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