Wednesday, 22 July 2015

U15s Tuesday night

Tuesday was our third attempt to win a morning match, this time against the Dutch.  Lots of IMPs changed hands but at the end we had half a dozen fewer.  Never mind, it was our best morning so far.  Our second match was against Germany: on the first board Isaac misguessed trumps in a 4 contract, and then had to play J107x opposite K65 for one loser: luckily he found 98 doubleton on his right.  Meanwhile Daniel and Jack bid 5♣ the other  way: the defence needed to switch to diamonds early on to get K established. When they missed that we picked up a double game swing.  A series of smaller gains followed and we won by 58 IMPs for a near maximum VP score, moving us up to 5th place.  Our third match was against the Czechs, who were now a fraction of a VP behind us.  A pair of vulnerable games came in in the first three boards, after which there were no major swings.  We won by 15, staying in fifth place overnight,

On Wednesday we play our last two matches against Scotland and Norway, who have both struggled so far.  Scotland in particular will be keen to beat us, but we have the chance of getting into the medal positions if we play our best and results go our way.

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