Monday, 20 July 2015

Junior European - Sunday Evening

Michael Byrne, NPC of the Under 20s

Today we played 3 matches and lost them all. This was not a good result.

In match one Sam made a fine play to chalk up 620 in 4H, it was written up in the bulletin by Brian Senior (apparently under my name) and was 12 imps to England.
Alas the rest of the set was tight and we lost by 10 imps.

The next set we played Sweden, and they were good players, but most of the points we lost were nerves and sloppy errors.

In the 3rd match we took an early lead (11-0) against Poland but after that we failed to score any imps and threw a lot away. Letting through 3 games, going 3 down on back to back part score hands, playing the wrong part-score and flooring a cold game.

At one point I even asked one of my team "did you really take A level maths?" after his counting skills led him to conceded an overtrick when he held the setting tricks in his hand.

Tomorrow we have an easy match against Hungary, then two more toughish ones against France and the Netherlands. We need to pull ourselves up and restore team morale.

Our short team talk consisted of good cop, (Coach Bryony Youngs) and bad cop (myself).

Good Cop: "We've had a hard day but the teams were tough and we will do better tomorrow"
Bad Cop: "You've all played s**t. Don't do it again"

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