Friday, 24 July 2015

Junior Europeans - U20s - Thursday recap

Michael Byrne, NPC of the Under 20s

Today was much more competitive, and we had a win and a loss. 

We started against Israel, who were tough players, although they played a relatively clean game. 

On an early board we had a disaster and went for 1100, and at one stage we were nearly 40 down, but we gritted our teeth and won the final few boards 20-0 to lose by only 16. 

In the next match we faced Denmark. Whilst I wasn't convinced by the merits of some of their actions they all worked well and we were losing halfway through, before bidding a great slam and coming back to lose by only 3 imps.

Or did we? While reviewing the hand records I realised I had put the wrong score into the bridge-mates. I have until tomorrow before the start of match 1 to correct it, so I will go and see the directors and they will help change it, meaning we win by 2 imps. 

Tomorrow we face two softer matches Russia and Scotland, and we will be aiming for two solid wins in each. Russia have has a few wins over the weaker teams, but Scotland have lost every match and will be coming bottom in the round robin. 

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