Saturday, 25 July 2015

Junior Europeans - Under 20s - Friday recap

Michael Byrne, NPC of the Under 20s

Today we started off correcting our score against Denmark, the Danish captain agreed but as he hadn't been watching at the table he wasn't sure how many tricks had been taking. 

Then we faced Russia, and although we had several pick ups in the open room they didn't seem to translate into gains in the closed room. 

A loss of 15 was disappointing  but hopefully we will learn from the errors. 

The team bounced back with a great win over bottom placed Scotland who got away with many technical errors and took an early lead. Once again our accurate slam bidding came to our rescue and we bid and made two good slams to turn the match around.  

Tomorrow we face Norway and Finland, and two good wins will bring us up the field. 

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