Saturday 21 September 2013

Bali 7:Happy Birrhdays

By way of coincidence two of our team (Nevena & David Bakhshi) have birthdays today. A gift of large numbers of vps will be appreciated.

The women's team despatched Guadeloupe by the maximum and then had a good win against Indonesia. A loss against Sweden in the last match left us sixth. There is a gap of a match between the leading seven and the chasing pack which is encouraging although with nine matches to go a lot can happen. I commented earlier that the qualifying score would be quite low (under 11.5 looks almost certain). Max Bavin, WBF Chief TD, believes if it is lower than previous years it will be by only a tiny amount. Interestingly if you get fined 2vps for an infraction that used to represent 2 vps out of 25 or 8% whereas with the new scale it is 2 out of 20 or 10%. This gives the captain's lectures concerning slow play and mobile phones 2% more relevance but I haven't noticed the team being 2% more attentive!

The open team were 39-0 down to Guadeloupe which was grim but they recovered to win and also won well against Chinese Taipei in the final match. This leaves them still in touch with the qualifying bunch.

In the Russia of the 1980s there was someone on every hotel floor equipped with a samovar. In Bali a similar overstaffing is apparent with six to serve a drink and get the bill in the hotel and an extraordinary number of security personnel everywhere which seems to have more to do with full employment than any particular worry.


  1. Thanks for the updates, very helpful to get a rounded picture of what's going on across all our teams and interesting info not covered anywhere else.

    Today (Sunday) was a very good day for the open team! I was privileged to watch it unfold on BBO. I make that a 79% average against 3 teams (2 of the very best), all above us in the quarterfinal zone. Very, very well done!

    The Women and Scots are all in the qf zone too, so all in with a very good chance going into the last day.

  2. Excellent progress all, keep it up!