Sunday 29 September 2013

Bali 15: Day of destiny

We've reached the last day. 48 boards between us and a third successive Gold medal. At the half way stage we are 4.7imps behind. Yesterday featured some big swings and some big hands. In the last set a lightner double beat 7H when the opening leader for the USA had a choice of two five card minors. She got it right. In the other room Fiona has bid so there was no guess and the opposition viewed to retreat to 7NT to gain 2! The last board of set 2 earned us 16 when a take out double was interpreted as penalties and in set 3 it was worth 14 when the opponents bid 6C against Heather & Nevena which went 3 down whilst a penalty of 800 was extracted at the other table.

In case you were wondering Miss World is over and it was won by Miss Philippines. Although I missed the ceremony the end was marked by a first class traffic jam which would be the envy of many a large city. The preparation now turns to the visit of Mr Obama and curiously female statues, all of which are very respectable, have been covered with sarongs.

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