Saturday 28 September 2013

Bali 14: At last a medal

England completed a demolition job against China yesterday. As in the quarter final we built a good lead on the first day and were very solid on day 2. So this win guarantees at least a silver medal and our first Venice Cup medal of any colour since 1985. Nicola and and Sally were on that team also. We play USA2 in the final. They have good players but not very experienced partnerships so I am hopeful the next two days will bring the right result.

The conference centre here is big and our event is not the only one going on. Yesterday the candidates for Miss World 2013 arrived. The majority of them were wearing World Rhino Day tee shirts presumably to show their environmental credentials. To save you checking Google it was on Sep 22. The final is tomorrow and their area has now been roped of which stops the players going to ogle and the audience for Miss World seeking to filch our free coffee.

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  1. Keep it going ladies (and the guys!) - only 48 more boards to Gold, or is that go :)