Friday 20 September 2013

Bali 6: Half way looms

Today sees the half way point in the round robin and some of the slow starters are beginning to get going. There will be some bleary eyes as we all start an hour earlier today because of a religious festival.

The women's team moved into a qualifying position with three wins against middle to lower ranking teams. There are some tougher days to come but the team are playing well. A good position in qualifying is important as it influences choice of opponent in the ko.

The open team had a torrid day losing two matches and beating Egypt  in the final match to relieve the gloom. To make things worse their NPC has had to return home due to ill health. We all wish Simon better quickly. Some vps are needed today!

The Scottish Seniors had a tough day yesterday but came through it well and are in 3rd place

The USA are not keen on the multi. They are allowed to bring their written defence to it to the table which causes derision amongst the Europeans. Sadly I'd didn't help when an opponent opened the dreaded multi and his partner responded 2H. Now a 3H overcall was thought to be natural by one hand and a two .suited by the other. That gave 15 imps to the opponents.

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