Thursday 19 September 2013

Bali 5: The marathon continues

The headline of the blog is taken from the bulletin and with six rounds gone and fifteen to go before the ko it seems like it.

The women had a couple of disappointing results but finished with a good win against New Zealand to keep us in contention.

One effect of the new VP scale complete with decimal places seems to be a flattening of the scores and it looks as if under 12 vps per match will qualify comfortably.

The open team had quite a tough day and after losing narrowly to Italy beat both Canada and USA1 to stay on the edges of qualification. Both USA teams are behind the pace at this stage.

Away from the bridge everyone we have met on the island is as friendly and help as possible. Balinese hospitality is worth the trip on its own. The road from the airport is a bit rough and not all that direct. No problem. A new one will open before we return.

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  1. Give our best to both teams. We are sending our positive vibes and good wishes.