Monday, 23 June 2008

Thoughts of an NPC VI

Yesterday the weather was hot and humid but, for the first time our Open Team hit top form. At one stage yesterday we were leading in all three events and at the end of the day we were first in the Open and Senior series and second in the ladies!

Against Estonia, I was watching Paul and Tony and after a quiet start Paul found a good lead and defence against 6H (the Johns played the contract from the right side) and we gained 1600 on the next board when Paul and Tony defeated 7Hx and the Johns' took 1100 from 6Sx. John Armstrong made 3NT on a nice end play on the last board of the match and Paul and Tony defeated the same contract by 6 tricks on an accurate defence.

We got off to an excellent start against Turkey and we consolidated to run out comfortable winners 21-9 The team played well all day but it was great to see the Johns' "on fire".

Can we keep it up? Fingers crossed.

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