Friday, 27 June 2008

Pau - England Women bounce back

The England women's team had a fantastic day yesterday and have bounced back into contention for a World Championship place and even a medal. The began in match 20 with a crucial 20 - 10 win over Norway, crucial because Norway are also contenders for the leading positions. In match 21 they beat Austria 24 - 6 and in match 22 they beat Wales 21 - 9. They now lie 7th, only 3 vps behind 6th place which would mean world championship qualification, and 17 behind the medal positions. With three matches still to go, one on them against 3rd placed Italy, a medal is still possible. Scores France 396, Germany 393, Italy 390, Sweden 383, Spain 382, Denmark 376, England 373.
Todays final three matches
Round 2309:30England v Finland
Round 2413:15England v Greece
Round 2516:35England v Italy

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