Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Open - Final

So, the great comeback completely failed to materialise. It was killed off early by Denmark, but in reality while the team wasn't playing well, lady luck had also decided to head elsewhere. A near impossible lead decision let through the first slam swing and the second was created by the Danes bidding a 7D that required dropping Qx trumps missing 5 cards in the suit. In a match that was nearly drawn, those two boards were worth the 25VPs required. They say that lightning doesn't strike twice. Nobody told Guadelope that. This time we were the victims as they proceeded to play like they could see through the cards. This time the slam required three finesses and a 3-3 break, but it all materialised. By now, the heart had gone from the fight and another heavy defeat against Egypt summed up the event. The team not really on it, the opposition often playing above themselves and us not really able to catch a break. Still, I have confidence that this collection of players will bounce back strongly. Their attitude in defeat was superb and they never resorted to any form of criticism or bickering. It has been a pleasure to work with them and their captain Pat Collins. Alan Shillitoe

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