Friday, 10 August 2012

Lille: Open 1

Greetings from Lille!

The team have settled in and played their first days worth of matches here in the Grand Palais. Initially walking into the building felt like something straight from an MC Escher painting with staircases going everywhere and some of the lighting being subtly disorientating, but we are now getting on with the task at hand.

Those of you who have been following us online may have wondered why Gold-Forrester didn't play a set today. Unfortunately, David has been suffering the effects of food poisoning all week and still hasn't properly shaken it off. I can report that he and Tony will be back in action first thing tomorrow against ze Germans.

So it was down to Crouch-Patterson and Allfrey-Robson to do the business today. A solid start against Chile (21-9) was followed by a disappointing 11-18 defeat to Spain. Those of you capable of rudimentary addition will note that adds up to only 29VPs. The answer was Alex and Andrew getting a slow play fine. However, the lesson to be learned from these things is to take your time and get it right, not to throw away IMPs to rush and beat the clock. Since we gained 13 on the last deal through a piece of Robson enterprise (that allowed him to play unmolested in his making game instead of them playing in their cold one), it was clearly time well spent.

The team finished off with a squeaky 16-14 victory over the Belgians to finish slightly above average.

Tomorrow rates to be the toughest day in the round-robin. The Germans and the Swiss both entertain good hopes of qualification. Our final match is against current Bermuda Bowl holders the Netherlands who are clear favourites to top the group. Good results in these matches would leave the team in a strong position as we would then have played most of the tricky fixtures.

Alan Shillitoe

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