Monday, 13 August 2012

Lille: Seniors 4

After our morning off, we got a maximum 25 VPs against Belgium and then a close-fought 15-all draw against Israel to maintain out unbeaten record (6 wins and 2 draws) and retain the lead in the group.  We were losing the match against Israel until the very last board, when England went two down in 4S in the Open room but Israel went three down doubled in 4S against Gunnar Hallberg and John Holland in the Closed room.

Our first match today is against France, the current World and European Champions, who are in third place.  Interviews with competitors in the London Olympics have taught me that we no longer ‘take each match as it comes’ but now prefer to ‘execute in the present’.  After executing (guillotining?) France we play Indonesia (lying 4th) and India (9th).

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