Saturday, 27 September 2008

Beijing - Open Team Draw

There are 71 teams entered in the Open Series of the World Minds Sports Bridge Championships in Beijing, China, divided into four groups of 17 or 18 teams. Each group will play a complete round robin. At the conclusion of the round robin, the top four teams in each group will advance to the knockout stage, in which the leading teams will have a choice of opponents in the round of 16. The draw is out, and England are in group D which consists of 18 teams. Their order of play (UK time, 7 hours behind Beijing) is as follows:
Round 1Sat04Oct04:00Australia
Round 2Sat04Oct07:20Lithuania
Round 3Sat04Oct10:10
Round 4Sun05Oct04:00Thailand
Round 5Sun05Oct07:20USA
Round 6Sun05Oct10:10Jordan
Round 7Mon06Oct04:00Philippines
Round 8Mon06Oct07:20Botswana
Round 9Mon06Oct10:20Turkey
Round 10Tue07Oct04:00Indonesia
Round 11Tue07Oct07:20Reunion
Round 12Tue07Oct10:10Greece
Round 13Wed08Oct04:00
Round 14Wed08Oct07:20
Round 15Fri10Oct04:00Belarus
Round 16Fri10Oct07:20Germany
Round 17Fri10Oct10:10Serbia

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