Friday, 22 August 2008

The teams for Beijing

With the Olympic games approaching their closing ceremony, we can look forward to World Mind Sports Games (formerly known as the World Teams Olympiad) which are also being held at the Olympic Complex in Beijing.
The Open team was announced last week, following a four day Trial at the Brighton Congress. That completes the selection process. All five teams that are going have now been announced. They are:-

Open Team
Nick Sandqvist & Artur Malinowski
Jason Hackett & Justin Hackett
David Gold & Tom Townsend
Captain : Phil King
Coach: Simon Cope

Womens Team
Heather Dhondy & Nevena Senior
Catherine Draper & Anne Rosen
Nicola Smith & Sally Brock
Captain: Martin Jones
Coach: Sandra Penfold

Seniors Team
Chris Dixon & Victor Silverstone
Colin Simpson & David Price
Ross Harper & Andrew Thompson
Captain: Peter Czerniewski

Fiona Brown & Susan Stockdale
Ollie Burgess & Andrew Woodcock
Ben Green & Duncan Happer
Reserves: Mike Bell & Michael Byrne
Captain: David Greenwood
Coach: Diane Greenwood

Under-21s (playing in the Under 21's World Championship)
Adam Hickman & Daniel McIntosh
Ed Jones & Tom Paske
Ben Paske & Rob Myers
Captain: Michael Byrne
Coach: Alan Shillitoe

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  1. Extremely well done our yung uns ; keep it up