Monday, 11 August 2008

Open team Trials for Beijing

The Trails for the Open team that will represent England in the 2008 World Mind Sport Games (formerly known as the Olympiad) begin today.

Four teams will play a double round robin of 20 board matches On Mon 11 and Tue 12 Aug. At the end of that the top two teams will play a 100 board final on Wed 13 and Thu 14 Aug. The winning team will be selected, along with a third pair which will be chosen by the Selection Committee.

The Four teams are
HACKETT: Paul Hackett, John Holland, Tony Waterlow, Ian Panto
TOWNSEND: Tom Townsend, David Gold, Andrew McIntosh, Gunnar Hallberg
SANDQVIST: Nick Sandqvist, Artur Malinowski, Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett
LIGGINS: Glyn Liggins, Peter Crouch, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones

The trials will be shown on Bridgebase online. You can download Bridge Base Online from their website or view it without downloading anything, from the BBOTV website

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