Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Open Team - Part 2

So we have all arrived safely in Dublin. We had the Opening Ceremony this evening, which was a shorter affair than usual, and the team settled down to what will no doubt become our regular dinner venue for the next ten days - a eastern style on site restaurant. Tomorrow morning we face the newly formed Monaco team - for this match Crouch/Patterson will take on Helgemo/Helness in the open room, while Forrester/Gold will take on Nunes/Fantoni in the closed room - a mouthwatering clash which you will be able to follow live on BBO at 10am. We then play Cyprus in the afternoon match before being on BBO once again at 1650 against Denmark. We are hoping to get off to a good start, and the points we score against Monaco and Denmark probably will have extra significance as we carry forward 100% of our totals against the teams who qualify for week 2 from our group if or should I say when we qualify. Please watch and support our guys, and hopefully we can bring you some cheer to brighten up our gloomy June days.

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