Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dublin 2012 - Seniors, Part 2

Still a couple of days before the Seniors arrive (on Friday) and play gets underway (on Saturday). I’ve come out to Dublin a few days early (at my own expense, I hasten to add, before you complain about misuse of EBU pennies) to check on the facilities for the Seniors (they like their rooms to have access by lift), inject funds into the Irish economy and cheer on the English Open and Women’s teams.

Did you notice that in the blogs about the female event they are Ladies, but now that they are in Dublin they have to be called Women (European directive 36C). The transformation took place on the flight, as they flew over Wales. Genteel manners and blue-rinse perms were replaced by steely determination and sensible shoes.

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  1. One of my friends is not alone in regarding "Ladies" as patronising these days and has already written to the EBL complaining about "Ladies" on the results pages.