Monday, 28 September 2015

A bit of a bumpy ride ~ Seniors Day 2

As predicted, it was a tough day … for me, anyway. The team performed heroically, but I found it exhausting, following their roller-coaster progress board by board. 

We were behind against Indonesia until the eleventh board (of 16), but then a fine grand slam, bid by David Price and Colin Simpson (against a slam slam at the other table), saw us take the lead, and we hung on for a 29-24 IMP victory.
Poland played their top two pairs against us and won a high-scoring match by 50 IMPs to 41. This was our first loss and it dropped us down to third place.

For the third match we were up against the leaders, Bulgaria, so it was what followers of football like to call a 'six pointer'. This was another nail-biter to watch; after seven boards we were 4-19 down and had slipped to sixth place overall. Then 28 unanswered IMPs saw us win the match 32-19 and, with the other results going our way, we were suddenly lying in first place!

It is all incredibly close; the host nation, India, are in eighth place, just 8 VPs behind us. And there is still a very looong way to go.

Tuesday’s menu is Egypt (bridge playing membership: 913). Then Pakistan (525), whose team includes a certain Z Mahmood. No, not that one, but Zakir Mahmood. We are saving the other Z Mahmood for later. Third up are Japan (7,600). 

The England supporters' club are here in force. Godfrey King is the founder and organiser, and with him, looking good in their England BridgeMates shirts, are June Forte, Maureen Dennison, Gill Harris, and Ruth and Paul Vogt. The European Championships are in Budapest next June; please let Godfrey know if you are interested in seeing some fine old structures there (and I am not referring to the England Senior team).

Never give in and never give up.Hubert H. Humphrey

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